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Participants' Videos

Participants' Videos


PV Workshop 

"I was quite overwhelmed by the atmosphere in the workshop, it was warm, very inviting and everybody were encouraged to share their ideas. I could also sense the bonding between the participants and three of you, Vivian, Julie and Merina are strong, from the conversation you had in the workshop, I realised that, for some participants, this was not their first time to learn making videos or joining the workshop, and Nadeenshani also expressed her feelings that she wanted to meet you all in the workshop again to make videos together. Great to see the long-term relationship the participants and you have built. That makes it even more memorable and meaningful. 


And the videos made by the participants are so diverse in terms of the stories that they told. They were so generous to share their day-to-day life with us that in the videos we could easily sense their emotions, which are very intimate. I like all the videos, because each of the video is so uniquely representing their ideas, thoughts and emotions that they encounter in everyday life, and the technology also makes things a lot easier, anybody can just to take out her/his smartphone and shoot... it would be great if these videos can be exhibited/ screened to the general public, especially the locals, it would be very meaningful to let more people to watch these stories."

Jimmy Lo, Volunteer

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