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This gallery features photography taken during a workshop facilitated by LeehAnn Hidalgo  from Lensational  in December 2020 at The University of Hong Kong.

(last updated 21st July, 2021)

Disclaimer: All photographs are under ownership of their respective photographers and all credit should be given to the photographers where they are due.

Joanne Tindungan is a mother of two and currently working in Hong Kong as a domestic worker. In her free time, she writes about her feelings and takes photos to capture what she sees and feels immediately.

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Joane Tindungan

Born in Silay City Negros Occidental, Lennie is a freelance photographer and adventurer based out of beautiful Tai Wai, New territories, Hongkong. She is currently working here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.

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Lennie Joaquin

Renafin Rocha Prieto is from Mindanao, Philippines and is a mother of two. She was first interested in photography when she was in high school which is now her biggest hobby that shows her how beautiful life is. Photography is her comfort when she misses her family.

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Renafin Rocha Prieto

Enthusiastic and inquisitive in everything she does for her personal growth as an individual.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-17 at 7.41.03 PM.jpeg

Kay Kent Mayrina

A mother who loves nature and animals .

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-18 at 12.10.21 PM.jpeg

Nadeeshani Rangana

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