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God is Bigger than Covid

God is Bigger than Covid

I asked her the same question 6 months ago
"Are you really going home for good after your contract?"
She said "yes" with a determination in her eyes.
I guess her family would be very happy to meet her at the airport
Or the whole family would be there waiting for her. (Most Filipino family)
But today the feeling of excitement
Changed into worries,
Her flight last march was cancelled so she need to rebook,
And finally just days waiting for her flight schedule, she will be home, but what's waiting for her? A lot of questions on her mind, will they let me get through airport? Will my hometown let me go in? As there were reports of fellow ofw's who were banned from entering into their baranggay. Will her family accept her in? She is willing to do the 14 day quarantine not because its a must but she worries for her family's safety.
You see this Virus affect not only physical health , but it made people paranoid too
But there is one thing that never changed , her Faith.
God bless you girl.
Your next journey will be safe
I’m claiming it in Jesus name


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