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Beyond the Sunset

by Ailenemae Salvador Ramos, who is a domestic worker that has been working in Hong Kong since 2010. She is a published author of her book, ‘Beyond the Sunset’ which is her first-ever poem collection book published in March 16, 2021. She is married and has a 16 year old daughter and a 15 year old son.

Workshop Feedback, December 2020

"This lovely memorial to your mother is... like a transnational family effort as well.
 So it just speaks to the power of video and you know how families can be brought together, even if they’re physically apart."

- Julie Ham
Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

"...such a personal and such an intimate video even just with your voice and just with some photos."

- Vivian Lin
Co-Founder, Voices of Women Media

© 2021 Ailenemae Salvador Ramos
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