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A Glance of Harbour City

by Marilou Masungcad Macasampon, a wife who loves nature and a mother of three children.

Workshop Feedback, December 2020

"As it [the voice] leads us through the space, it’s so rounded and it’s so warm and it’s so calm and it’s inviting.
 I thought it was the perfect voice to hear as we’re seeing that space."

- Julie Ham
Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

"Such a good shot with all sort of angles and everything being so accurate and pleasant.
Your voiceover gave to the video... [a] more genuine feel of how you see it, how you feel it."

- Merina Sunuwar, Research Assistant 2019-2021, University of Hong Kong

"Just a great image of Hong Kong and someone’s experience of it."

- Vivian Lin
Co-Founder, Voices of Women Media

© 2021 Marilou Masungcad Macasampon
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